Guaranteed quality

Having the right information

Bodyshop Felix nv is committed to transparent and clear communication on all the services it provides. Our employees guarantee that all information on the work carried out – big or small – is gone through carefully together with the customer.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements or SLAs are cooperation agreements for professional customers in which agreements are laid down on services, prices, etc. These agreements give you maximum certainty and an overview of the services we provide. We make sure that you have the right information quickly by periodic reporting.

Bodyshop Felix nv guarantees quality and safety

We have been ISO 9001 and Avicar Plus certified since 2002. This requires a robust quality follow-up system and constant monitoring of the whole company.

To guarantee a high-quality service every day for our customers, our procedures are laid down and evaluated. This quality is also continuously measured by means of internal and external inspections and voluntary customer surveys. We make a point of fulfilling our promises.

Your safety and the safety of our employees are vital to us. For this reason we have all our measuring equipment calibrated and heavy tools inspected every year. This is all laid down in an impressive roadmap that is followed closely.

Health and environment are important to us. All our waste flows are sorted and are then picked up and processed by recognised companies.